A Sneak Peek at My Main Characters

A Sneak Peek at My Main Characters

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I see a lot of bloggers writing about their characters, while I’ve been pretty quiet about mine. But, I am passionate about the characters from my novel, Emergence, so of course I’d love to talk about them!

In order to make this more fun for me (and for you), I’m inventing my own writing tag. I shall dub it: “The 6-Prompt Character Challenge.” That’s probably the lamest tag name ever, but we’re going with it.

At the end of this post, I’ll be tagging other bloggers to participate, if they want to. (Also, if you read this post and haven’t been officially tagged, feel free to jump in anyway!)

How this tag works:

I have six brief questions/prompts that I will be answering for three of my main characters. You can change this number, of course, and even change the prompts if you like, so long as they are the same for each character. The point is to compare your characters’ differences and similarities.

A bit of explanation:

The first prompt asks for a “contradiction.” In case you start wondering what this means, it’s basically this: every important character in your story should have something contradictory or seemingly inconsistent about their personality. We see this with people in real life, and it’s the mark of a rounded, three-dimensional character.

Note that this is probably the hardest of the prompts, so don’t worry if it takes some deep thinking. But please consider: if you can’t find any contradiction at all in your character’s personality, it’s probably a sign you need to develop him/her a little more. So, it’s a good exercise to do, no matter what. 🙂

The second prompt asks for a Meyers-Briggs personality type. If you’re unsure what type your character is, you can take the test on their behalf here.

Also, the fourth prompt asks how your character would slay a dragon. This is purely hypothetical; there are no dragons in my book, for example, so the prompt can be applied to any genre you want!

Now, without further ado… it’s time to introduce my beloved charries! *squeals*

Girl in Medieval dress
Discovered via Pinterest

1. Kindy

Contradiction: Who she loves: People. Who she hates: People.

Meyers-Briggs: INFP

Favorite color(s): Red, dark purple, black

How would she slay a dragon? She would try to sneak up on it while it was asleep, but would probably end up accidentally waking it up by tripping on something. She would barely escape with her life while hissing a string of curses.

Her darkest secret: She’s addicted to a drug called dathal that is slowly killing her. She has a few years to live.

Where does she see herself in 10 years? Dead. Um, yeah, she’s not the happiest or most optimistic person in the world.

 2. Jensen

Contradiction: Arrogant servant.

Meyers-Briggs: ENFJ

Favorite color(s): Green

How would he slay a dragon? He would charge it head-on, waving his sword and shouting confident threats, but would probably get burned alive in his attempt at heroics.

His darkest secret: He endeavors to be righteous and to keep his thoughts pure… but sometimes, when he’s around his major crush, Carinna, he struggles to keep his adolescent-male imagination under control. And he feels ashamed for it.

Where does he see himself in 10 years? Hopefully married to Carinna, with a couple tiny children running around his estate. (His views of the future are quite euphoric compared to Kindy’s.)

Found via Pinterest
Discovered via Pinterest

3. Lasía

Contradiction: She adorns her hair before entering battle.

Meyers-Briggs: ISTP

Favorite color(s): Light green + pale pink

How would she slay a dragon? Like Kindy, she would sneak in while the dragon was asleep. Unlike Kindy, she would expertly slide under his neck, moving silently as a wraith, and slit open that beast’s throat before he knew what was coming to him.

Her darkest secret: Oh, well, this is awkward… I can’t tell you, because this somewhat of a reveal in the book. *seals lips*

Where does she see herself in 10 years? Still leading her tribe as chieftain. Most likely, unmarried. In her culture, if a female chieftain becomes married, her position as leader would pass to her husband. This is a fact that Lasía regards with a certain amount of bitterness.

I actually had three more characters I wanted to write about, but I was afraid of making this post too long. >_> If you all are interested, I can write a follow-up post about them later!

Passing along the fun:

I am officially nominating six bloggers for this challenge, but again, anyone can participate if they want to. Just please remember to link back to my blog so I can read your post! ^_^

  1. Cait at PaperFury
  2. Sara Letourneau
  3. Annie at Curious Wren
  4. Zac at Of Bleeding Pens and Pages
  5. Katie at A Writer’s Faith
  6. Briana Mae Morgan

Have an awesome Thursday, everyone!

Brianna out.

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  1. Katherine Rebekah
    | Reply

    Oh, cool tag! I like the part about the contradictions. Contradiction = internal conflict and that’s always a good thing. Even if the contradiction isn’t central to the plot, all real people will have them and, like you said, it makes characters more three dimensional.

    You characters are amazing. I especially like Kindly. She seems so complex and interesting. I read your synopsis and it sounds awesome. Good luck in finishing. It definitely sounds like something I’d read!

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      “Contradiction = internal conflict” is a good way to think about it! And you’re right, it doesn’t need to be central to the plot, but it’s important to make your characters feel real. 🙂

      Aw, thank you!! That means a lot! Kindy definitely does have a lot of layers to her, hehe. ^_^ I can’t wait to fully share her (and her story) with the world! ;D

  2. saraletourneau
    | Reply

    Awesome idea for a blog tag, Brianna! I will definitely take this up and pass it along, though it might be a little while. I have a couple other tags I still need to catch up on. (*blushes*)

    Awwww, poor Kindy. Is the kind of character who’s trying to make the best of what’s left of her life despite her outlook? Or is her dependency interfering too much?

    Jensen sounds very much like an ENFJ! Very bold and endeavoring to save the day. I like the sounds of him. And Lasia sounds wickedly bad-ass. *lol*

    You know what this tag is honestly making me consider for the first time? My character’s favorite colors. I don’t know why I’ve never thought about that before!

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      No worries about the wait, Sara… I actually have two blog tags I still need to catch up on myself. *nervous chuckling*

      Hmm… I think she does try to make the best of what’s left, if I understand your question. She’s definitely a fighter, and she’s fiercely determined when it comes to her goals, but I guess you could say this is her one, major weakness. She has a lot of emotional issues that are tied up with her addiction, too.

      Hehe, Jensen is almost a poster child for ENFJ. xD And “wickedly bad-ass” pretty much perfectly describes Lasía, haha. ;D

      Favorite colors are such a fun and random thing to think about!! It can say a lot about someone’s personality. Every color has its own “feel”, you know?

      I think I remember you posting about your characters’ favorite food once, and I still feel stumped on that one. Maybe I should just directly ask my characters. >_> I’m not sure what they like to eat, haha! It hasn’t really come up in the story. They eat a lot, but usually they’re just surviving and eating whatever they can get. 😉

      • saraletourneau
        | Reply

        Oh, good. I feel a little better knowing that I’m not the only one with that “problem.” *lol*

        Gotcha regarding Kindy. So that’ll be interesting to see how she copes or struggles with it during the story. 😉

        I’ve actually thought more about my characters’ favorite colors since I read your post… and I think I know what their answers would be now. 😉 And I agree, every color has its own “feel.” What are your favorite colors, btw?

        See, the favorite foods bit doesn’t come up in TKC, either. But when I sat down and “asked” my characters for their BP posts or interviews, they gave me an answer each time. 🙂

        • Brianna da Silva
          | Reply

          Haha, yeah, I feel so bad about it. xD But I’ll get to them eventually!! I always do… >_>

          As for my favorite colors, humph, they keep changing every few years, but they’ve always been within the range of red to blue on a color wheel. >_> Sooo, at different times in my life, I’ve liked red, fuscia, purple, dark blue, and light blue, but never green. xD Currently it’s light blue again (like this website, coincidentally). Last time I liked this shade of blue, I was 13, haha. How about you? 😛

          I think I’m already starting to figure out my characters’ favorite foods, too! xD I haven’t officially asked them, but I’m pretty sure Lasía has a big sweet tooth, and Kindy has a weird love for buttered bread. Like a weeeeird, passionate love. xD

          • saraletourneau

            My favorite colors have changed over time, too. Right now, my absolutely favorite is purple (no shade in particular – I love them all), followed by teal and turquoise. But pink, blue, and green have also been my favorites in the past.

            “Lasía has a big sweet tooth, and Kindy has a weird love for buttered bread. Like a weeeeird, passionate love. xD”

            *lol* Hey, there’s nothing wrong with buttered bread! 🙂

          • Brianna da Silva

            Those are all such lovely colors, I don’t blame you! 😉

            Haha, not at all! It’s just not exactly a “meal,” per se! xD

  3. James da Silva
    | Reply

    Grandpa is still waiting to read your book.

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Haha, hi Grandpa! Your wait won’t last forever, promise! 😛

  4. Cait @ Paper Fury
    | Reply

    EEEP. THANKS FOR THE TAG!! I really like discovering more about my characters…and I think the contradiction question is super interesting! (And definitely a mark of a well developed character. *nodnod*) Omg but I always fail at finding my characters personality types. XD I MUST WORK ON THIS! Anyway can’t wait to do this! ;D
    Aaaand I think Kindy sounds awesome. 😂 I love her contradiction. *relates mildly* heheh.

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      You’re welcome!! 😀 I look forward to reading your answers! Hehe, I looove personality types. I used to be quite obsessed with Meyers-Briggs. When I can’t figure out my character’s type, I literally just take the test on their behalf, and that always helps me. ;D

      Hehe, thank you, Kindy is definitely my favorite. ^_^ (Obviously, or why else would I make her the MC?) Probably because she’s a lot like me in that way, too. 😉

  5. I love this! Thanks for tagging me! Here’s my post: http://www.brianamaemorgan.com/reflections/get-know-characters-wip-reflections/

  6. Hannah White
    | Reply

    This post was most certainly NOT too long! I want to know morrrre AHHHH. You should most definitely write a follow up post.
    Hai! I’ve been following your blog for a while but I’ve been a bit of a ghostie, so I thought I’d let my existance be known and say HAIIII! I love your blog! <3

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Hiiiii Hannah! xD

      Eee! Well, then, that’s the confirmation I needed to write a follow up post. THANK YOU, kind person, I shall do so. *dramatically looks off into the distance*

      Hehe, thanks for making yourself known! And I totally understand, I’ve been a ghostie on blogs before, too. ;D

  7. Shannon Noel Brady
    | Reply

    Your prompts are ingenious! Loved the contradiction and the dragon questions.

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Well, thank you. xD They are all up for grabs if you want to use them on your own blog! 😉

  8. Kathryn
    | Reply

    I did my four main characters… thinking about doing my minor ones as well! Well, they’re not minor, but ya know.

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      That’s so cool that you did this, Kathryn!! Sorry to only just now see it… I’ve been away from my blog for a couple months. 😉

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  15. Brittany Gnizak
    | Reply

    Hey! I read these a while ago and loved the concept! I actually found this through Kristen Kieffer and backtracked to your page. 🙂 I sooooo relate to your contradiction about Kindy. PEOPLE. LOL. And I really enjoyed Lasia’s brief blurb.

    It took me forever to get this accomplished… and here’s mine. 🙂


    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Hey, Brittany! I’m glad you joined in! 😉 Haha, Kindy would be relieved to find a kindred spirit in you. xD And thank you on Lasía! ^_^

      😀 *heads over to your blog*

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