Current works-in-progress:

City of Reckoning (Formerly Emergence)

Genre:  YA epic fantasy

Short synopsis:  A group of teenagers get caught up in a war, and begin to wonder if they’re fighting for the wrong side.

Long synopsis:  (Below)

Status:  Fourth draft in progress

Images of medieval warfare and epic adventure

Long Synopsis

The Empire of Dorina has never been challenged… until now. Invaded by a powerful enemy bent on massacring their people, the Dorins act in desperation: They send courageous ambassadors into the vast, untamed wilderness beyond their borders to seek aid from two legendary cities.
There’s only one problem.

If they can find the cities… if they can survive the journey… there’s a high chance these cities will join their enemies instead.

Kindy Sharrow, a fifteen-year-old Nocturan with bat wings, claws, and night vision, previously had to hide from the empire, which cruelly slaughtered her kind for sport. Now, required to join the war against the invaders, she must fight her own demons: A secret drug addiction that is slowly killing her. And she has one, ultimate goal: Destroy her arch enemy, Charris Pouden, and his lustful desire for her, before he gains enough power to destroy her first.

Kindy finds herself entering the war with her younger brother Jensen, and new friend Lasía, a mysterious archer with a pet battle wolf. Together they fight against the bloodthirsty invaders, and journey into the heart of the wilderness to find the only two cities that will save them.

But as they begin to learn more about the empire’s secrets… a dark history buried in ashes and drenched in blood… they wonder if their enemies are not so wrong for wanting to annihilate them after all.

The bonds of friendship will be tested. Alliances will be questioned. In a story of political intrigue, ethics of war, and young love, one question must be answered: Which side will you join?

The Rebel of Mosoria (A Nerasia Novella)

Genre:  YA epic fantasy

Pitch:  Braveheart meets Unbroken.

Short synopsis:  Forty years before the events of City of Reckoning, a boy named Masano tries to lead a rebellion against the cruel Dorish Empire, but his plans of defiance take a dark turn.

Status:  Second draft in beta reading