5 Random Facts About Me (and You)

5 Random Facts About Me (and You)

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In December, I was tagged by two amazing people: Sara Letourneau for the Creative Blogger Award, and Hannah (H.M. Wilson) for “A Few of my Favorite things.” (Thank you so much, gals!) It’s a little too late for me to participate in Hannah’s tag, since it was Christmas-themed, but both of these tags required me to provide 5 facts about myself… so, I figured I would unofficially combine them. 🙂

But what does all this have to do with you? Well, read to the end! *winks*

The Creative Blogger Award

1. I was homeschooled.

This actually isn’t a “random” thing, but it was such a huge part of my life that I often forget to mention it online! I graduated from college (Full Sail University) almost two years ago, so my life as a homeschooled student feels well behind me. But growing up homeschooled influenced me tremendously.

Being outside of the public school system allowed me to develop my own, unique perspective, one that I still hold. I had ample time to develop my own ideas, and to let my imagination blossom into the bloated monstrosity that it is today. *chuckles nervously at dragon-sized imagination*

To answer a few FAQs, since I know you’ll ask them: (1) No, I never did school in my pajamas. (2) Yes, I was able to make plenty of friends, thank you. (3) No, being homeschooled did not make me socially awkward. But, being a writer and a bookworm sort of has. 😉

2. I hate wearing makeup.

I’m happiest on days when I can wear a nerdy T-shirt, a cozy hoodie, and jeggings, and I don’t have to worry about makeup or fashion. I’m just one of those girls who prefers simplicity in all things, and appearances are no exception.

I began sporting a pixie cut last summer, and this is one of the many reasons why. 🙂

Brianna Creature
Fig 1.1 This is a Brianna creature. Brianna creatures tend to display this expression of glee upon receiving new books, or in this instance, a Doctor Who Funko Pop figure.

3. I’m gluten-free and dairy-free.

… sort of? I’m not allergic, but too much gluten makes me tired and grumpy, and too much dairy makes me feel sick. For this reason, I only have them on special occasions or in tiny quantities.

Now, before you condole me for my horrible, pitiful life that is devoid of breads and cheeses, I’d better clarify: I’ve replaced these things with delicious alternatives! I’ve come to prefer almond milk, goat cheese, and rice flour. I don’t even want to go back to “normal” food.

4. I always take the stairs two steps at a time.

Yeah, this is definitely random, but I think it’s unusual. I wish I could fly up. Moving bipedal is sooo slow. Also, I have a really fast walking speed. Teleportation, anyone? I wish I could just appear places instantaneously. Why haven’t the scientists figured this out yet??

Hmm. Perhaps this is partly why my main character can fly? I think that’s a fantasy I secretly long for.

5. I’m a journaler.

I’ve been regularly journaling since I was seven years old. I have a box in my closet stuffed with all my journals. I haven’t counted them, but I probably have… at least twenty? Twenty-five? Thirty? Yikes! I don’t want to know.

As a result, my second favorite thing to buy (next to books) are journals. After going through so many, I’m super picky about them, too. They have to have the right amount of pages and line spaces, and the right thickness of paper. And of course, they have to have beautiful covers that fit my style. ^_^

Now it’s your turn!

Normally, with these kinds of tags, you’re supposed to pass them on to a set number of bloggers. Instead, I’m going to open this up to everyone! I challenge YOU to share five random facts about yourself, either in the comments below, or on your own blog. Be sure to ping me if you do the latter (so I can read it). I look forward to seeing all your answers!

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  1. saraletourneau
    | Reply

    Yaaaaay! I loved reading your answers, Brianna. Thanks for taking on the challenge and passing it on!

    I’ve actually met a number of home-schooled writers thanks to social media. I went to public school, which… had its ups and downs. I had some great teachers who encouraged me to be the best I could be (especially at writing), but I struggled to feel like I fit in and made few friends. College was when I finally broke out of my shell, so I have much fonder memories of it.

    Hee hee, my fairy characters in TKC (including the MC, Eva) can fly as well. 🙂 Did you find that giving your protagonist the ability to fly create some unique scene and/or action opportunities?

    I don’t journal as much as I used to, but I still have a number of journals shelved away. Their covers are so purdy. 😀 Do you have a preference for images or graphics on the covers?

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! ^_^ It was fun to fill out. 🙂

      I’ve been meeting more homeschooled writers via social media, too. Public school always sounded like a rather suffocating environment to me… especially for creative people like us! No wonder it’s hard to fit in! But, colleges tend to be better at open-mindedness and personal freedom. Almost to extreme levels sometimes, haha!

      I didn’t realize there were fairies in your book!! *heartily approves* And YES, I absolutely felt that way. Flying creates all sorts of interesting possibilities, especially for action scenes! And it allows for many convenient solutions. I’ve become so mentally used to writing about a main character that can fly that sometimes, in real life, I default to that way of thinking… for a split-second, I’ll be like, “Oh, I can just fly over that fence!… WAIT.” xD

      I prefer graphics on my covers. ^_^ Especially old-fashioned/vintage/distressed kind of graphics. What about you?

      • saraletourneau
        | Reply

        I didn’t find public school to be suffocating, but peers can be so cruel to each other during middle and high school. That was my problem more than anything else. I actually don’t like reading YA contemporaries (either fiction or fantasy) with high school settings because of the memories they bring back (not to mention waaaay too much drama for me). There are a couple exceptions, but that’s about it.

        YES. TKC has fairies. 😀 They’re a little different from other fey / fairies in fantasy literature; mine are life-size with wings and magic. So they’re not exactly Tinkerbell-tiny, but they also differ from the traditional fey / Fair Folk / Elves. So, yeah, they’ve been fun to write about. 🙂

        What kind of creature / race is your protagonist again? I remember you saying that she could fly…

        I tend to gravitate to journal covers with symbols or designs on them that mean something to me. Butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds, ocean waves / scenes, certain flowers (I love orchids and hydrangea)… I also have a journal with Buddha quotes and imagery that I love. A lot from the journals I have come from Piccadilly (http://piccadillyinc.com/available-designs/) because… well, I just love them and they’re so pretty and yes. *lol*

        • Brianna da Silva
          | Reply

          Wow, public school sounds intense nonetheless! >.< That's sort of how my parents have described it (they both went to public school… and hated it… and decided to home school for that reason xD).

          Well, cool!! Those sound like my kind of fairies. 😉 I always love a fresh take on those creatures!

          Mine is a creature I made up called a Nocturan. She has bat-like wings (black, membraneous), retractible claws, and cat-like night vision. There are about half a dozen races like this that I've created in my world. 🙂

          It's always nice to have designs with meaning to them! ^_^ I can't do flowers myself, for some reason, haha. But the pretty designs… *sighs* I sure do love pretty designs. 🙂

          • saraletourneau

            Well, then, perhaps you’ll like TKC. 😉

            The way you described the Nocturans reminds me of one of the chimaera races from Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. In that story world, the chimaera’s bodies consist of parts from animals and sometimes animals. The one was I was thinking of in particular was the Kirin, which are mostly human except for their antlers, bat-like wings, and antelope-esque torso and legs (below the knees). Have you read that trilogy, btw?

            But retractable claws and night vision? That’s really cool. 😉

          • Brianna da Silva

            Perhaps I will. 😉

            Hey, that’s cool! I’ve never read those books, but I’ve heard of them. I like the names of those creatures! And I’m glad you think the Nocturans are cool. 😉 Perhaps you’ll like my book, too. ;D

  2. H.M. Wilson
    | Reply

    Ahh! I love the idea of making a “mashup tag”… Points for creativity, Brianna! lol! 😉 But seriously, it was interesting to get to learn a bit more about you! Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted that most of your readers/online-pals have never actually met you before. I love getting to know everyone a little better.

    I am homeschooled too! Senior year is drawing to a close, so I’ve been scampering around to prepare for uni… Strangely enough, I’m actually dairy/gluten-free at the moment too! (Trying to rule out some food allergies. *blah* :P) But eating like this really isn’t that bad! I like trying new things, so I’m discovering new foods that I might have not normally eaten.

    Lovely post, dear! <3

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Aw, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading! ^_^ And yes, that’s exactly why I thought participating in this tag would be a good idea!! The more we can come across as “real” people online, the more… interesting we become, I guess? Or at least, people feel they can relate to us more. I’ve certainly found that to be true as a reader! I enjoy getting to know everyone better, too. 🙂

      Cheers for fellow homeschoolers!! *high fives* And wow, that’s exciting… the next stage approaches! :O Do you know what you want to study?

      I totally agree with you – it’s NOT that bad at all! Especially when you know the right brands and recipes. 😉 Gluten-free and dairy-free eating can be quite satisfying and delicious.


  3. Cait @ Paper Fury
    | Reply

    HOMESCHOOLER GRADUATE HI FIVE. I absolutely blame homeschooling for my love of writing. xD I mean, where else can you literally read half the year’s book curriculum in a few weeks? ;D Actually my mum legit would go searching out sequels and companion books to stuff into our schedules because I was always finished the book in 1 day. #noregrets (We did Sonlight…have you heard of that one? So. much. reading. It was glorious.)

    Simplicity in all things for me too! I have never wore make up, mostly because I have a texture thing. XD Like I haaaate stuff on my skin. And omg one day I’ll get brave enough for a pixie cut. ONE DAY.

    Also me toooo with the food. OMG ARE WE LIKE TWINS BRIANNA?! SERIOUSLY I RELATE TO THIS POST SO MUCH. Although I don’t have any grains, or nuts. And mostly no diary. People feel really sorry for you, but seriously there are so many alternatives that are just as delicious. :’)

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply


      I didn’t realize you were homeschooled!! But I’m totally not surprised, because you have that unique sense of awesomeness that often rolls off us home-educated humans. ;D We didn’t do Sonlight… but I think I’ve heard of it? We did a combination of different curriculums and co-ops that kind of changed for each kid, because we are flexible and indecisive like that. xD And yes, I’m sure homeschooling is a huge part of what made me a writer!!

      Ugh, that’s half the reason I don’t like makeup! I hate the feel of it on my skin. And I like being able to rub my eyes without smearing stuff everywhere. xD AND YOU TOTALLY SHOULD GET A PIXIE. When you are brave enough. It took me like 2 years of wanting one before I finally did it. xD BUT what helped is I kind of eased into it. I went from long hair, to shoulder-length hair, to chin-length bob, to shorter bob, to FINALLY a pixie. It makes it easier if you do it that way. 😉

      Oh boy, I definitely eat lots of grains!! BUT I know it would be healthier still if I didn’t. >.> Maybe I should start reducing my amount of grains, at least… *quietly grumbles* And you’re so right!! People feel sorry for us but they have no idea what we’re NOT missing out on. xD We eat different food, not worse food. My dad always makes fun of my food by calling it “fake.” “Oh, are you out of fake bread?… I made some fake pasta for you… Is that a fake sandwich?” At first it kind of offended me, but now I just laugh with him. 🙂

  4. Jonathan King
    | Reply

    1. Also homeschooled, and it’s entirely possible that I did go to school in pajamas (most days I tried to make at least some effort). The experience gave me a lot more freedom for creating, whether it was writing, building with Legos, or attending drama camp. It also instilled me with a love of reading, since my earliest courses were based on children’s books.
    2. I spent a month in Ireland and Northern Ireland a while back studying playwriting. It was definitely one of the most formative experiences of my life, since it exposed me to new people with different standards and worldviews than I had (something I didn’t get a lot of even in college). Relatedly, I’m really bad at travel planning, considering I planned a weekend getaway on that trip and wound up staying up for almost 48 hours because I couldn’t find a place to stay. I literally couldn’t find the place I’d planned to stay because all my electronics with maps were dead. So I basically walked around Enniscorthy all night until people started waking up.
    3. I’m a collector of nerd memorabilia. I’ve got everything from a Hot Wheels A-Team van and 1966 Batmobile to a sonic screwdriver (11th Doctor version) to a Banzai Institute pin from “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension.” I’ve also got a Funko Tenth Doctor figure, sitting next to Captain America and Rey from Star Wars. I call them my Army of Adorableness, and I’m hoping to add a Funko Smaug to the group soon.
    4. I have a bad habit of sneaking up on people. I’ve scared my parents so often, I’ve become hyperaware of when they might not know I’m in the room, and I try to cough or knock or make some small noise so I know they’re expecting me. Once, on a mission trip, I was in the locker room when I overheard some guys on the other side of a wall of lockers talking about “that Jonathan kid … he’s like the butler from Mr. Deeds. He always shows up when you least expect it.” At which point I said as loudly as I could, “Oh really?” I was a hit.
    5. I love dressing up, and I’ll take any excuse to pull on a blazer and tie. This started before but was definitely influenced by my obsession over Doctor Who (I like to say I was wearing bow ties before the Doctor told me they were cool–although I didn’t buy the fez until after). I love when it gets cold, because then I get to break out the leather gloves and feel the wind blowing through my tan trench coat (which may or may not also be Doctor Who inspired).

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Thanks so much for participating, Jonathan!! ^_^ I really enjoyed reading this!

      WOO! It seems like all the homeschoolers are coming out of the woodwork with this post. xD That’s so cool that you spent a month in Ireland and Northern Ireland!! Haha, maybe you didn’t plan well, but at least you have a funny story to tell. 🙂

      Yay for nerd memorabilia! ^_^ And I see you are also a lover of Funko Pop. 😀 The Tenth Doctor is actually my only one, *awkward cough* BUT I’m planning to get many more. And Army of Adorableness is quite a fitting title.

      That sounds like you almost have a super power. You are silent, like a ninja or wraith. xD If I had that skill that I’d definitely use that to my advantage. And that story from the locker room is PRICELESS.

      While I can’t relate to #5, it’s still super cool. 😉 To be inspired by the Doctor is an excellent reason to dress up. I love how his style changes from Doctor to Doctor! And I don’t know many people who wear bow ties, so props to you for being unique! *high fives*

  5. A. J. Lundetræ
    | Reply

    This post is so fun! Great answers, Brianna! Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better! 😀

    I am very very very curious about home-schooling, as this phenomenon does not exist (!) in Norway. If you don’t mind me asking… Were your parents teachers or does teachers come to your house? And how did they state “check up” on you learning all subjects? 😀 Did you still have the exact same subjects, like sports and all? Sorry if these questions are stupid, I just literally don’t know anyone who grew up like this. 😀

    I can totally relate to the four other random facts! I don’t eat gluten and dairy either, I also love taking stairs two steps at a time (and wish for a teleporter), journaling (in crazy coloured journals) is such an important part of my everyday learning-processes, and make-up? I’ll wear it every day when men do the same! XD

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Agnete, I have no idea why I didn’t see your comment until now!! >_> I’m sorry for my delayed response!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! And I’m most happy to answer your homeschooling questions. I didn’t know that homeschooling doesn’t exist in Norway! Although I know it’s uncommon in a lot of places.

      First question: Yes and no. 🙂 My mom taught all us up to middle school or high school, and then we joined homeschool co-ops, which were basically like tiny private schools with other homeschoolers. My parents would pay teachers for the classes we took, which generally met once or twice a week, and then we’d have lots of homework to fill up the rest of our week.

      Second question: My mom kept close records of all our assignments and grades, in case the county ever asked for them. (Although where we live, the laws on homeschooling are pretty slack, so the records weren’t very necessary.) Once a year, though, we would be legally required to take an assessment test. It’s the same test everyone is required to take in America, public and private school alike. (Fun fact: Homeschoolers are notorious for way outperforming public schoolers in these tests, haha!! xD) During middle school and high school co-ops, our teachers took care of grading.

      Third question: Yep, we took the exact same subjects! And there were plenty of opportunities for extracurricular things like sports. Sometimes we did them through our co-ops, other times we were able to link up with county leagues and play alongside public schooled students.

      Haha, they’re not stupid at all! Even though there’s a huge homeschooling community where I live, people still have no idea how it works if they’re not apart of that system. I get these questions a lot. 😉

      Ha, I like what you said there – “I’ll wear it every day when men do the same!” YES that would be fair. XD

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  7. Wolfe
    | Reply

    I like joting down what I see that would be good for writing, I ADORE reading, I’m homeschooled, I dislike makeup (unless if it’s for something importiant) and I have a bad habit of biting my nails.
    That’s the five random facts about myself. 😀

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Haha, I relate to each of these!! xD As for the first point – do you mean jotting down what you see, or just ideas as they come to you? And I have a bad nail biting habit, too. *grimaces* I think it’s a nervous thing for me!

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