Brianna da Silva profile picture

Hi! I’m Brianna. I’m a novelist and filmmaker, passionate about telling character-driven stories with hefty doses of adventure and emotion. I tend to write for a young adult audience.

I’m working on my debut fantasy novel, City of Reckoning, and a prequel novella called The Rebel of Mosoria that I’ll release first (for free). Both will be published in 2017.

For the curious, I am an INTJ, a Gryffinpuff (yes you read that right), a cat and reptile lover, and a native Virginian.

A few things about me…

  • I was homeschooled through high school.
  • I’m the oldest of six weird siblings.
  • I went skydiving for my twenty-first birthday.
  • I completed my bachelor’s degree in nineteen months at Full Sail University.
  • I’m a Christ-follower.
  • My favorite author is Pierce Brown.

I also tweet a lot, Instagram most of the time, and read voraciously.