I’m Leaving the Internet… For Now.

I’m Leaving the Internet… For Now.

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Friends, I regret to announce I am disappearing from the Internet… indefinitely.

I will be largely absent from my blog, from Twitter, and from Instagram until I finished the second draft of The Rebel of Mosoria.

This novella is already two months behind schedule, and writing fever has struck me. I would love to blog, Tweet, and Instagram, but I’m so set on finishing this draft, I can no longer focus on these things.

So, for now… adieu. When you hear from me again, I will have a finished draft (ready for beta readers!) on my hands. *cue excited squealing and devilish laughter*

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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury
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    GOOD LUCK!! *throws encouraging cake at you* I hope you finish the draft soon and are very happy with it and it’s a success!!

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