Writing Update: Emergence’s New Title Is…

Writing Update: Emergence’s New Title Is…

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It’s time for my monthly writing update!

(If you don’t care about my writing – or me as a human being – no hurt feelings! You can just skip over this post. We’ll return to our regularly schedule programming next week. ;D)

Here’s what we have on the agenda today:

  1. My progress with The Rebel of Mosoria, plus a lesson I learned this month about editing.
  2. The new title of Emergence! (I’M SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THIS!)
  3. A blog tag I was awarded… in January. *gulp* Better late that never, right?

Let’s get this party started!

1. Progress with The Rebel of Mosoria.

*sighs* Yes… I’m still working on this novella. Even though I wanted to finish the second draft in August. But that’s okay! I’m making progress. As I mentioned last month, this project has turned out much harder than I expected. And it’ll only be better for the extra time I’m giving it.

Which leads us to a lesson I learned this month.

I made a mistake: I tried accelerating this revision process with word wars and daily word count goals. At first, this seemed like it was helping. But it quickly backfired. I realized that this approach, while excellent for first drafts, can be a killer for second drafts.

I explained why in a Twitter thread, which I encourage you to read if you’re currently in revisions – or soon will be – for any of your projects:

Instead of counting words edited, I’ve started measuring the time I spend I editing. My daily goal is to work on my novella for two hours. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail, but either way I’m still writing. I’ve found that this really works for me!

2. The new title of Emergence is…

First of all, you may be wondering: Why change the name at all?

As much as I adore one-word titles, a fellow writer pointed out to me that they are much harder to search for. If you searched for “Emergence” on Amazon or Goodreads right now, you’d get a slew of similarly (or identically) titled novels. If I publish my book under that title, it’ll probably get buried in search results.

The book will have a much better chance of being remembered (and purchased!) by potential readers if the title is more original.

So, without further ado, I give you the new title…


Scroll down…











The new title of my novel is:




EEP! I have to admit, I love this a lot more! And so long as no new books are released within the next year with this title, it will remain mine. *grins* *hovers over title possessively*

3. Infinity of Dreams Award

In January, Hannah Heath tagged me for the Infinity of Dreams Award. (By the way, she has an amazing blog and you should check it out. And subscribe. Do it. *nods vigorously*)

She gave me a list of personal questions to answer, all of which are extremely important and may or may not determine the fate of millions of puppies around the globe. I will do my duty and give my best effort at providing serious, insightful responses.


Favorite fictional weapon/magical power?

Anything that would allow me to crush your kind to dust and revel in my absolute power over the earth. Mwahaha! … I mean, a sword would do nicely. Sure.

Who is your favorite character to write and why?

Currently it’s Kindy, the main character from City of Reckoning. She has a dark, violent streak and an iron determination that is deliciously satisfying to write about, but she’s also so kindhearted and soft at her core. She’s like a fluffy pillow with spikes.

How do you want your writing to impact your readers?

Agh! That could be an entire blog post. In short, I want to inspire people to live with purpose, to face their fears, and to be their truest selves. Also, I want them to laugh, flip the pages in suspense, weep, hurl my books against the wall in anger… I mean, just kidding. (But am I?)

If you got a hold of the Millennium Falcon and had the chance to fly to any sci-fi planet ever imagined, where would you go?

Pandora from Avatar! That planet is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Favorite type of chip? Supposing you like chips.

Doritos. They’re so bad for me, and it’s rare that I actually eat them, but when I do… I am their slave.

Do you have any writing quirks you’d like to tell us about? Even better, do you have any writing quirks that you’d prefer to keep to yourself?

I sometimes act out my scenes before writing them, which results in my characters wincing and pretending they didn’t see. “I wouldn’t say it like that,” they mutter under their breath, and then show me how it’s done when I actually get to writing.

Currently, what is your favorite book quote?

I’ve been enjoying the poetic writing of The Aeneid. Here are a couple lines I liked:

… and when the breeze played lightly on the waves, and south winds called with gentle murmuring to the deep… from port we sail, and towns and lands recede.

And now Aurora reddens in the east; the stars had vanished; when, far off, we see the dusky mountains and the long low shore of Italy.

Favorite hobbies that don’t involve reading or writing?

One of my greatest loves is learning. I recently subscribed to Great Courses Plus, which has allowed me to take an in-depth, college-level class called How Great Science Fiction Works.

I’ve gone from knowing zilch about science fiction to having a comprehensive understanding of the genre, its history, its literary and social significance, and its major players. The lectures makes me so happy. Ahh, I am addicted to self-education, my friends.

Also… I love hiking, urban exploration, movie-watching, and gaming. And climbing rocks like an eight-year-old boy. I’m very good at it. O.o

For discussion…

What do you think of the new book title? Could you relate to any of my answers in the Infinity Dreams Award? Which sci-fi planet would you visit? Let me know in the comments below!

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16 Responses

  1. Emily Joy Drown
    | Reply

    AH. I absolutely love Emergence’s new title! <3 Yes, it will definitely stand out more this way.

  2. saraletourneau
    | Reply

    Wow! You nailed it with the new title, Brianna! It’s not only more original, but more attention-grabbing.

    And I know we already discussed the “time vs word count” bit on Twitter… so all I’ll say here is I’m glad you’ve found a way of measuring your revision progress that works better for you. 🙂

    I’d visit Pandora, too! Such a gorgeous, enchanting world, and one of the best examples of movie-only world-building, IMO. And a fluffy pillow with spikes… Hmmm. That’s a very interesting way of describing a character!

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Thank you, Sara!! It literally took me months of thought and like three or four dozen terrible titles before I found it. I guess that just goes to show that taking the time/thought is worth it. ^_^

      Yes!! It’s one of my favorite worlds that was created JUST for a movie. And it’s so rich, I think, mainly because – here we come back to the issue of time – James Cameron was working on the concept for something like 10 years before he started making the actual movie. That’s why it has so much depth and originality to it. (I know the plot isn’t new, but I’d say the presentation is.)

      A fluffy pillow with spikes COULD be soft to lay on – you just have to remove the spikes, see? And she has some spikes to remove. In time. ;D #chararcterdevelopment

  3. azanthony
    | Reply

    “City” themed titles seem popular these days. “City of Stairs,” “The City Stained Red,” but I really do like “City of Reckoning.” Reckoning is a very powerful word that I’ve not personally seen used much. I mean, it even sounds powerful!

    I’d have to agree with you on the world from Avatar. That place looks incredible. That being said, if we’re going to stick a bit closer to home, I’d love to visit Europa. Sure it’s a moon, not a planet, but the chance of extraterrestrial life beneath its icy crust is too tempting not to go. Okay, enough, Sci Fi, back to the world of fantasy fiction for me!

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      I was a little hesitant at first because “City” is so common, but I was super surprised when I didn’t see “Reckoning” used much! IT’S MINE. Haha.

      Ahh yes. I’m becoming just as enamored with science fiction as with fantasy, now. Someday I’ll write in the genre myself! ^_^ #VisitAllThePlanets! … #andMoons!

  4. Jeneca Z
    | Reply

    AH I love it! City of Reckoning sounds so cool.
    And yes, I do agree with you on Doritos. They’re awfully unhealthy chips and I hardly ever eat them now… but when I do?
    I use to devour them when I was little until I had what my mom then referred to as “Dorito breath.”

    As to what planet I’d visit, I have no clue. Perhaps I’d go to Jakku, because everybody wants to go back to Jakku, right? ;P
    Jeneca @ Jeniqua Writes

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Thank you, Jeneca!! ^_^

      Haha, Doritos taste so good but in someways they are disgusting, when you think about it; like the breath you get after eating them, or how they color your fingers. YUCK. Maybe next time I’m tempted to eat one, I’ll remind myself of those nasty side effects. ;P

  5. Latias876
    | Reply

    Hii I just LOVE the new title – deep, strong and powerful, but gives off a foreboding vibe as well. Certainly sounds like the making of an awesome bestseller ^w^

    Awesomr job! 😀

  6. Shannon Noel Brady
    | Reply

    Ooooh, City of Reckoning is an excellent title! It’s definitely got that dramatic punch.

    Also… I LOVE CLIMBING ON ROCKS TOO! 😀 *scampers gleefully over some boulders*

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Thank you!! And YAY, rock climbing twins!! *scampers after you* *races to the top*

  7. E. E. Rawls
    | Reply

    I love the new title, Brianna! It will be much easier for readers to find.
    I must agree that my first choice would be to explore Pandora too! The scenery, the places, the imagined wildlife, it’s so extensive and beautiful, I just love it. I cannot wait for the sequel to come out!

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Thank you so much! And yes, Pandora is so gorgeous and detailed. I’m really curious about the sequel; I hope it measures up to the first. ^_^

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