I’m Going on a Hiatus… (Plus: Writing Update!)

I’m Going on a Hiatus… (Plus: Writing Update!)

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Hey, everyone! I have a regrettable announcement: I’m taking a break from blogging for two months.

I know, I know… sad times. *dramatically wipes away tears* But I promise the wait will be worth it! While I won’t be publishing anything again until September 1, I will be hard at work behind-the-scenes making StoryPort more awesome. 🙂

I really appreciate the feedback you all gave me last month. I will be applying your feedback directly as I give this blog a facelift, a more consistent schedule, and a new, secret direction that I can’t wait to reveal. *devious grin*

Writing life news…

Before I say goodbye for two months, I want to give you all an update about my writing projects!

Three exciting things have happened recently…

1. I finished the third draft of Emergence.

Hurrah! I’ve received so much valuable feedback from my beta readers, and I’ve been applying it over the last few months. One of the major things I’ve been doing is strengthening one of my characters, Lasía. Apparently no one likes her. (Awkward.) So I’ve been making her more likable and believable. Also, I’ve been fixing a lot of world-building and plot-related problems. (Shucks, epic fantasy is really hard to write!)

On Tuesday, I wrapped up edits for this draft. Which leads me to the next point…


2. Emergence is under editorial review!

I announced back in April that I’ve hired Nadine Brandes to give Emergence an editorial review. Well, I have officially sent her the third draft of the book. She’ll be reading it this month. I am much excite! This is my first time working with a professional editor, and I can’t wait to use her feedback to make this story better.

3. I’ve started the second draft of The Rebel of Mosoria.

Drafts, drafts, and more drafts. Is that all I talk about? Well, welcome to life as a writer. 😉

I also mentioned in April that I started writing a novella that takes place forty years before the events of Emergence. It’s a prequel… sort of. It’s also dark and heart-wrenching and tragic. And yet, despite all my warnings, nine people have signed up as beta readers. Seriously, what is wrong with you all? ;D

Anyway, I completed the rough draft for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo. But it’s horribly messy. Before I let anyone read the manuscript, I’m going to completely re-write it. I’m deleting two characters, adding a new character, increasing the stakes, and strengthening the plot, among other things. O.o I’m hoping to have a much cleaner story to share sometime in August!

Well, that’s it. I will now lapse into silence for two months. But rest-assured, I will not be idle. I will very, very busy.

*laughs knowingly*

*vanishes in a cloud of mysterious smoke*

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6 Responses

  1. Sara L.
    | Reply

    You know, I just started working on your Six-Question Character Challenge. And now you announce this. :p (Just kidding, of course.)

    In a way, this announcement doesn’t surprise me. You had mentioned a while ago (on Twitter, I think?) that you were planning to invest more time in the blog, especially with its format / appearance. Good for you for deciding to take that plunge. And you’ll be hard at work on your writing as all of this is going on. So, IMO, it’s a good way to spend a blogging hiatus.

    Good luck with all of your plans! Will you still be around on Twitter and social media?

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Haha, sorry! 😛

      Yeah, I thought I could invest that time while still updating my blog… but it became too overwhelming. I need to create a backlog of posts, and the only way to do that is to stop posting for a while. 🙂

      Thanks! ^_^ I’ll still be around everywhere else. And as a matter of fact, I’ll be more active on Instagram now than I was before. ;D I’ll just be silent on my blog!

  2. Katherine Livingston
    | Reply

    Enjoy your break! Really looking forward to seeing the changes. ^-^

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Thank you! Heh heh, the pressure is on! Now I have to make these changes all by the time I promised. xD

  3. Shannon Noel Brady
    | Reply

    Congrats on finishing your third draft, and all your other productive writey news! See you when you return~

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