Writing Update: Camp NaNoWriMo, Projects, and an Announcement

Writing Update: Camp NaNoWriMo, Projects, and an Announcement

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Hi, everyone!

Gah! It’s been way too long since I’ve written a blog post. But I have returned! *gallops in atop a majestic, white horse to the sound of trumpets*

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Before I return to blogging about storytelling tips, I need to catch you up on some writing-related news… and share an exciting development I’ve been dying to announce!

But first, the “lesser” updates…

Update 1: Beta reading

As of yesterday, the first round of beta reading for Emergence officially ended. All the readers are still finishing the book, (as is typical with beta reading deadlines *wink*), but some feedback has already started coming in. Overall, it seems that readers really enjoy the book (yay!), but I still have a lot of work to do for the next draft… as to be expected!

Also, the second round of beta reading is officially full. I mean, it’s jam-packed. I can not accept any more readers for that round. O.O You all are awesome! Your interest in this story means so much to me!!

Update 2: The sequel for Emergence…?

So, I got kind of antsy last month while waiting for people to finish reading Emergence… and I started writing the sequel. I KNOW. I COULDN’T HELP IT. This isn’t much of an announcement, though, because I never got past Chapter 2. *awkward side-glance* But still, I started it… and I added it to my list of projects on this blog, so there’s that.

Which leads me straight into the next update…

Update 3: Camp NaNoWriMo

I’m joining Camp NaNoWriMo this month! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a more laid-back version of NaNoWriMo that takes place in April. If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, Google it. xD (I’m not feeling very helpful today.)

For Camp NanoWriMo, I’ll be writing the first draft of a novella called The Rebel of Mosoria. It takes place 40 years before the events of Emergence, and I plan to release it first (once it’s finished, of course). It’s about a boy named Masano who tries to lead a revolution, but his plans of defiance take a dark, unexpected turn. *gulps*


Okay, this is The Thing – this is the main reason I wanted to write this blog post!

Are you ready for the announcement?

Here it is:







Emergence has a professional editor!!!

Previously, I didn’t think I could afford a professional edit. I figured I would have to wait another year, at least, after all three rounds of beta reading were complete.

Nadine Brandes head shot
This is Nadine! (I stole this head shot from her website. :P)

But, I really, really wanted a professional edit. And I even had a specific editor in mind: Nadine Brandes, who has two published novels, is trained as a professional editor, and seems to have an intimate understanding of my genre and audience. Also… she just seems like a really fun and sweet person. ^_^

Well, guess what?

Nadine recently offered a special editing deal (for a limited number of people) that would allow me to have Emergence edited for less than half the usual price!

And you guessed it… I jumped on it!

*cue excited author dance*

Something I should clarify: Nadine’s edit is an editorial review, not a full edit. In other words, she’ll be critiquing story, character development, and overall craftsmanship, not line-by-line word choice. I may still need to have a line edit/copyedit before Emergence goes to print.

So… what does all this mean for you?

Mainly, this impacts beta readers (and potential beta readers). The only time Nadine can do her edit is in the summer, when the second round of beta reading was previously scheduled. That round will still happen. But it will be delayed, perhaps as much as six months. Beta readers will have to wait longer, but they will get to read a tighter, more polished manuscript after Nadine’s feedback is applied, so hopefully the wait will be worth it. 🙂

As for everyone else, I’m still planning to self-publish Emergence, hopefully in late 2017. You will not be as impacted… but, you will also get a better story when it’s finished! *wink*

P.S: Another minor, random update… I think I’m going to name my fantasy series (the one that begins with Emergence) “The Nerasia Histories.” I’m not 100% decided, but I’m leaning in this direction. What do you think? Do you like the title? Dislike it?

For discussion…

Do you have any exciting news in your writing lives? Are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo? Now it’s your turn to brag! 😉 *hands microphone to the readers*

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18 Responses

  1. Malinda
    | Reply

    Great announcements! So excited for you!! 🙂
    I’m participating in Camp again, I think this is my third year doing them lol.
    I am revising/editing and finishing up a modern romance set in Ireland. Then it’s off to rounds and rounds of beta readers before I start the querying process!
    Best of luck to you!! 🙂

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Hey, Malinda! Thank you. ^_^ And thanks for sharing your news!

      Yay for Camp! 🙂 *pumps fist* I’ve actually never done the summer NaNo camps until now… can you believe it? O.O

      Ooh, Ireland! Best of luck with finishing this stage of writing!! 😀 That must be exciting!

      Happy writing!

  2. Candace
    | Reply

    I’m getting a puppy! Wait, that has nothing to do with writing…

    I’m in a writing funk, but I’m going to trudge through it. This is all really exciting news for you! Are you on a complete writer’s high right now? I certainly would be. I am just starting out as an editor, so if ever you need a line-by-line edit in the future, I would probably charge you…absolutely nothing because I need to build up my resume. Yikes. Anyway, enjoy your Camp NaNoWriMo! I have been hearing a lot about it on Twitter.

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Hey Candace! Well, that has nothing to do with writing, but that’s still awesome. :O What kind of puppy?

      Hope the funk ends soon!! Those are no fun at all. I guess I’m kind of on a high? I’ve been on a “low” for two months (took a break, then couldn’t get inspiration flowing again), so just getting back into the groove at all is exciting. ^_^

      And well, that’s very awesome! :O I will keep you in mind! Hopefully by the time I need a line-by-line edit, you won’t still be needing to work for free, but of course that would work in my favor. xD Best of luck with starting up that business!

      • Candace
        | Reply

        She’s a one year old pitty. Tiny because of neglect, but the sweetest baby I’ve ever met.

        I appreciate it! But, like I said, I’ll push through it. It happens to all of us! I’m glad you’re coming along again, it’s always hard to come back from a break.

        I hope I can start finding some paid work, but at the moment, I would like to just work in general. I just got out of school so even though I’m working hard to network and find a job, I feel like I’m doing a whole lot of nothing. I went ahead and signed up for your last round of beta reading. I can’t wait to get to that point in my novel too–no matter how stressful it is to let other people share in on your story!

        • Brianna da Silva
          | Reply

          Aw! So you rescued her? That’s awesome. ^_^

          Well, you’ve got to start somewhere! I’m in a similar boat with my production company, which does freelance video/animation work. My network isn’t really built up yet, so we haven’t had much work, and I’m actually looking for opportunities to do free projects to help build up our portfolio! So I know what you’re talking about. 🙂 I’m so excited that you joined beta reading!! I think I might have to close that round soon, actually… I’m getting to a good number of people, so it’s a good thing you jumped in when you did. ^_^

  3. Brittany Gnizak
    | Reply

    Awesome!! Very excited for you. 🙂

  4. kay
    | Reply

    Congrats on all the progress. I understand the need to jump into the next book. I started writing book 3 because I couldn’t wait any longer. Got about 5K out, then had to stop (random scenes though, not the beginning; I did come up with an idea for the opening scene…just need to write it still.).

    This month I’m doing Camp NaNo too! But I’m focusing on a completely different novel. Not aiming to finish it though, just make heaps of progress. It’s fantasy, so I’m expecting it to be quite long (maybe the start of a new series). Writing a novella sounds like such a good idea! Your Masano character seems fascinating. I’ll be excited to see your progress. Good luck with writing!

    Congratulations on the professional editor! Editors are expensive but well worth it. So great that you caught a good deal and sounds like the editor is a good match for you. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from the process.

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      I can see you know what I’m talking about!! It feels good just to make some progress. ^_^

      Yay for a fellow camper! 😀 That sounds like what I did back in November; just making progress on a hefty fantasy novel. O.O It can be a break after writing big, heavy novels to write something short. It’s pretty freeing, actually… you should try it. 😉 Hehe, I’m glad he’s interesting already! I feel like he needs a lot of work, and there’s lots of editing ahead of me, but I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited about this story’s potential. *beams*

      Thanks so much! I expect to learn a lot… that may be the best part of the deal!

  5. Cait @ Paper Fury
    | Reply

    Oh wow congrats on going ahead with the professional edit! :O 😀 🎉 And congrats on the good feedback from your readers. EEEEEP. I’m doing NaNo! *waves weakly* It’s not going quite like I thought it would? But I’m not worried because it’s only a first draft. 😂 And there’s a bit of banter stil happening amongst dragons eating everyone SO THAT’S A POSITIVE. Good luck with your novella! 😀

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Thank you!! ^_^ YES I’VE HEARD, although now at the time I’ve responded, YOU’VE FINISHED THAT NOVEL. xD Hmm I guess one could say that you finish things just a taaaad faster than I do?? As a general statement? ;D

      Hey, want to know a secret? *looks both ways* *leans in to whisper* I feel the exact same way about my NaNo project right now. This novella. AGH. It’s not turning out right. But yes, rough draft, rough draft. Let’s keep chanting that together.

      Dragons eating everyone is always a good thing. I mean – BAD THING. I totally said bad thing, right??

  6. saraletourneau
    | Reply

    This is all great news, Brianna! Good luck with Camp NaNo and the novella. And that’s amazing that you were able to get a good deal on Nadine’s editorial review. I was thinking about having a professional editor look at TKC… but once I did the math, I’m not sure it’s something I can afford. :/

    How many rounds of beta-reading were you planning on doing? Two or three?

    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Thanks, Sara! 🙂 It was pretty amazing how it worked out. And yeah, that math is pretty painful. :/ Just do three million rounds of beta reading, like me, to make up for it! X’D

      Which answers your question. I’m doing three million rounds.

      JK. Just three. 😉 But I think for future books I’ll only do one or two!!

  7. Rae Oestreich
    | Reply

    Brianna, you’ve got so much great news! I’m so glad your beta feedback’s been positive so far; I know that means you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you still, but I’m so excited for you because it sounds like you’re getting really useful comments back. That’s great!

    And how exciting to have a professional editor! Regardless of what kind of edit it is, that’s incredible and SO useful. And (shameless plug) if you’re ever interested in getting a line or copy edit, let me know? That’s kind of, well, what I do, and you’re a friend so I’d love to help out in any way I can 🙂

    Jeez, all of my friends have such awesome things happening for them. I’m so excited to see what the rest of this year brings!


    • Brianna da Silva
      | Reply

      Thank you, Rae!! ^_^ *beams* The amount of work that awaits me seems to keep piling up and up. *nervously laughs* But it’s okay. I don’t mind editing. I think I’ve decided that I like it better than first-draft-writing, actually.

      The shameless plug is much appreciated. 😉 I’m glad you told me because I didn’t actually know you did editing!! Or maybe I did but I just forgot? Anyway, I’ll keep you in mind! 😉

      *happy sigh* Indeed… but the best is yet to come!


  8. Karissa Hammond
    | Reply

    Good luck with all of your writing, edits, and publishing!

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