Welcome to the New Blog! Introducing: StoryPort

Welcome to the New Blog! Introducing: StoryPort

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Hello, friends!  I’ve been gone for over a month, and in that time, MAJOR changes have been underway.  Take a look around the website – it’s completely different!  Not just in style and appearance, but also in theme and purpose.

This blog has a whole new vision, and I’m super excited to share it with you!

What’s changed

For those who are new to the blog and have no idea what it looked like before, here’s a comparison of before and after:


As you can see, it used to just be a personal website for my portfolio and unorganized ramblings.  Bor-ing.

Now, the subject of this blog can be summarized in one word:


All the posts of this blog will be devoted to the art and craft of telling powerful stories.  This is a topic I am deeply passionate about, and I think it deserves more attention than it gets.  There are countless blogs, books, and resources out there about the technical craft of writing (how to develop characters, outline plot, format your novel or screenplay, etc.), or about the technical craft of filmmaking (how to light a scene, direct your actors, use special effects, etc., etc…), but what gets overlooked is also the most important thing.

Let’s be honest.

For the audience, what is most important?  That your novel was correctly formatted and immaculately stripped of excessive “ly” words?  That your screenplay arbitrarily hit all the Michael Hauge plot points with page-perfect timing?  That your movie had innovative visual effects and jaw-dropping explosions that flew in the face of the audience?


What’s most is emotional connection.  What’s most important is memorable characters that we relate to and understand.  What’s most important is compelling themes that deeply impact us, that inspire us to live differently, or that invite us to see the world with new eyes.

In other words, what’s most important is powerful storytelling.

This blog is for writers, filmmakers, and anyone else who wants to tell these kinds of stories.

What to expect

Here are a few things you can expect from this blog moving forward:

  • More frequent posts (All, of course, centered around the craft of storytelling.)
  • Guest posts (Coming soon…)
  • Monthly giveaways (Fun goodies for storytellers!)

There are even more exciting things in the works that I can’t wait to reveal… so stay tuned!

Tomorrow:  In the the first blog post of StoryPort, “Pain, Tragedy, and Creativity”, we’ll explore how pain can fuel inspiration and make our stories more authentic.

Meanwhile… take a look around the website.  You’ll find that a lot has changed!  🙂

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